Productivity is a corner stone of an ambitious life

There are several key traits to live an ambitious life.  One of them is productivity.
You need to DO a lot to ACCOMPLISH a lot.  You can’t accomplish a lot without being productive.  You can’t be productive without being organized and disciplined.  

There are many productivity ideas out there, from the formal and established Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology to a number of individually crafted routines and workflows.  Everyone has opinions on productivity, with entire blogs dedicated to them, including 43Folders, to well known entrepreneurs like Mark Suster, and Marc Andreesen.  Read a few thoughts, then pick the one you like best (like recipes).
It doesn’t matter which one you use, but it’s important to have a workflow to keep your short, medium and long term goals moving along, or you’ll never reach any of them.  Don’t get caught up in finding the perfect application or methodology, just get started with something.

As for my own workflow, I tend to have a very email-centric workflow. I’ll try and write more about it tomorrow.