Opportunities in The Mobile Internet

I wrote previously about the four phases of the Internet, and how we’re approaching the Mobile (+ Location) Internet.  As a follow up to that post, I wanted to explore some specific areas and opportunities with this new paradigm. Solving “Local” Many companies have tried to solve local, applying technological solutions to the problems facing local… Continue reading Opportunities in The Mobile Internet

The Four Internet Ages

The Four Internet Ages Now that I’m between startups, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what I want to work on next.  I like thinking in frameworks, which makes it easier to evaluate new opportunities and create my own theses around where technology and business is heading.  My previous analysis on the Product vs… Continue reading The Four Internet Ages

Online Groups Suck – Email wins, with limits

I have written before about how email is still the killer app.  There are lots of new dedicated applications to serve specific needs, but often I find myself reverting back to the trusty email.  But one area that I have a love-hate relationship with is the massive email thread. Email threads have their limitations This annoyance… Continue reading Online Groups Suck – Email wins, with limits

YouCastr – A Post-Mortem

Introduction: Why I’m writing this There are many post-mortems from failed startups out there, mainly because there are a lot of failed startups, and the people that start them tend to be very introspective and public about their successes and failures. I’m no different.  This post-mortem will serve to get things off my chest, organize my thoughts,… Continue reading YouCastr – A Post-Mortem

Alternatives to an MBA

In my last post I wrote about the only 4 reasons to get an MBA. Now I wanted to follow up with some alternatives.  Start a Company The best alternative is to start a company. It will cost about the same (initial investment plus lost salary), but provides a MUCH better first-hand learning, creates a good… Continue reading Alternatives to an MBA

iPad Opportunities – Clipboard Replacement

As I continue to organize thoughts around some general motivational posts, I’m still fascinated by technology and recently the iPad, the newest addition to my tech library.  A lot has been written about the iPad, including a recent article about how iPad is computing’s middle ground, which got me thinking.  The author references an analogy of… Continue reading iPad Opportunities – Clipboard Replacement


Somebody Please Buy Palm (cough, cough Nokia) The Dawn of Smartphones (the iPhone) Throughout all of this smartphone revolution of the past 3 years (starting with the iPhone, as smartphone before then were just pretenders), it has been interesting to see the battleground.  Once might players like Microsoft and Palm were relegated to the bench… Continue reading Untitled

Email – the original killer app and still a loyal dog

Email was the first killer app of the Internet age.  It is the single most commonly used online application (slightly edging out Search). It is the center of most people’s work and social lives. Yet it is continually under-appreciated, and out-shined by new applications from Facebook to Twitter to dedicated Web 2.0 apps. But it… Continue reading Email – the original killer app and still a loyal dog

Thoughts on the upcoming Tablet or iSlate

In light of Apple’s finally confirmed event next week about their “new creation”, I wanted to capture my expectations. I got a little carried away on the details, but the headers will give you a good idea of what I’m thinking. Aiming to Redefine Portable Computing In general, I agree with John Gruber’s thoughtful post… Continue reading Thoughts on the upcoming Tablet or iSlate

Innovation Near and Far . . . Really Far

Earlier today I read an interesting post from Venture Hacks about how disruptive innovation will continue in the near term. Their analogy was about how computers are evolving and accelerating. We all know the evolution from mainframes to personal computers to laptops. This is common knowledge. The technically adept also are very well aware about… Continue reading Innovation Near and Far . . . Really Far

Twitter and Facebook

There has been a lot of buzz recently about Twitter. Just a few months ago, it was a techie network that was difficult to explain to an existing user, let alone anyone that had never heard of it. Not, it’s a mainstream phenomenon that everyone is talking about. This came to head with all the… Continue reading Twitter and Facebook