Chrysler's Ridiculous Promotion

Does anyone else find it just absolutely inane (I can use a number of other adjectives as well) that Chrysler is offering a $2.99 Gas Guarantee? On pretty much every level you look at it, it’s just silly.

As a promotion, it feels pretty empty, because you can do the math pretty simply and realize that if you’re saving, say $1 per gallon, and use 20 gallons a week (which is a lot), you’re going to save about $3,000 over the course of the three years that the promotion runs.

From an environmental standpoint, it is encouraging consumption of something we all know is bad for the environment.

From an economic perspective, it is deliberately going against the market forces that are pricing gas so high.

From a marketing perspective, is it really sending the message you want? Are customers happy that you’re looking out for them, or are they looking at it as a band aid for more serious problems in the economy and in your fuel efficiency.

When Southwest buys oil futures to insulate them from potential jet fuel price increases, it’s brilliant. When a car company uses the collective national fear of rising gas prices to sell cars, it’s deceptive and evil.

Shame on you Chrysler.