Rebranding the Blog – Introducing “The Ambitious Life”

I started the idea of “The Ambitious Life” as a way to share all of my thoughts about life in general. I wanted to split it from my personal blog because it’s not as relevant to the short term consumer technology that I’m a part of. But as I thought more about it, I realized it would be a great personal blog, where I can share all of my thoughts, both about technology, and about life in general.

I have always had plenty of thoughts about life in general, and many of them were either too controversial for a blog with my name on it, or not consistent with a blog of a tech company founder. So I have tried to keep the blog more relevant to technology, but I find that the tech space has plenty of commentary, and as unique as I think mine is, people aren’t looking for more.

And finally, I was talking this week with my buddy Matt Hodgson about how blogs should have interesting brands, other than the person’s name. It didn’t strike me until later that I already had a great brand, and that it would be ideal to combine the two.

So with that comes this transition. Welcome to The Ambitious Life. I’ll be writing about things I like writing and thinking about, whether or not they are controversial or good for business.