Returning to blogging – with an education focus

It’s been about a full year since I last blogged. 

That year has been incredible from a personal and professional standpoint. I’ve gotten engaged, started a new company working with a great team and a great group of investors, and even recently gotten a puppy.

This startup, Boundless Learning, was the primary reason for not blogging during that time. Not just from a time perspective, but from a mental energy perspective. All of my mental energy (and most of the physical energy) in that time period has gone towards establishing Boundless, working on everything from high level and long term vision, to immediate concerns like hiring, product roadmaps, content creation, etc. 
One area that has been central to the past year has been education. I’ve always been passionate about education, both my personal education (in and out of school), as well as the education system and what it means for society as a whole. 

Going forward, I’m going to channel my desire to blog more, with my passion and ongoing experience with education and learning. We’ve been learning a ton about the past and present of education, and are working night and day to help define it’s future.
Stay tuned.