YouCastr: New and Improved

This week we launched a completely new website, including a complete redesign, a range of new features, and improved overall usability. Our development team has been working extremely hard on this update for the past 2 months, culminating in a final, all-night 30 hour homestretch to get the site live. Their dedication and hard work has paid off.

Overall goals
The main goal of the update was to make it easier for our users to do what they love doing on YouCastr. We also put a lot of effort making it clearer to organize and schedule live broadcasts for non-mainstream sporting events, such as high school and non-covered college sports that we’re seeing on the site. Because we focus on sports, we can create a much better way to organize sports broadcasts across all different levels and leagues.

New Design
The first thing existing users will notice is the new design. We have been working on the new design for the past 2 months, and the final result is the most concrete impact of our full time Web Designer, Fred Yates. He’s done a great job with the design, and constantly tweaking and improving it. The design is a lot sportier, crisper, and tighter, and creates a great framework for us to continue developing great new features.

New Features
Aside from the redesign, the major new feature is the ability to upload audio and video content. This is our first foray into video, where people can upload entire sporting events, highlight clips, or pre-recorded sports shows. The ability to upload audio now allows people to upload their previously recorded and produced podcasts, for those users that are more familiar with that medium. Before this update, users could only stream the content live, and it would automatically be archived for playback or download. There are more, so you’ll want to see all of YouCastr’s new features

Usability Improvements
We rethought all of the key processes to make it easier for our users to do everything, including creating live content, uploading content, writing articles, and navigating around the site. We’ve applied all of what we’ve learned over the past year since our private beta launch, and applied it to our current focus.

Result of Changes
These changes put us in an even better position to continue revolutionizing the way fans, parents, and alumni follow non mainstream sports. As we move forward, we will be introducing new features to make YouCastr better and better. I’m really excited about where we are and how far we’ve come, and there are a lot of great new things in store.