MassTLC UnConference

Today I went to the MassTLC unConference. It was an interesting structure for a conference, where the entire agenda is created by the audience on the day of the actual conference. It brought together a great mix of entrepreneurs, investors, and technologists for a day of interaction. The structure (or rather unstructure) allowed anyone to… Continue reading MassTLC UnConference

RIM is the next Palm

I have been meaning to post this for a while, got sidetracked, then ended up holding off as my prediction seemed to be coming through. Yet given RIMM’s recent resurgence, I feel my window has reopened. Let’s look back a bit to understand the Palm parallel. Shortly after its IPO, Palm went on to have… Continue reading RIM is the next Palm

FSTA Conference in Chicago

I just wrote on the The Fantasy Sports Forum. We had some good clean fun at the game and after at the bars in Wrigleyville. We also were able to compare notes about our various funding, startup, sports, and marketing experiences. Even brief informal conversations provide a great opportunity to get a feel for what… Continue reading FSTA Conference in Chicago

Why Startups Fail – Agreement among contrarian points

About a week ago there were a couple of very interesting blog posts about why startups fail, taking different view points: Why Startups Fail: David Feinlab, Mohr Davidow Ventures vs. How “Why Startups Fail” Fails: 37 Signals Both are very interesting reads, and I won’t go through point by point to comment on them. I’ll… Continue reading Why Startups Fail – Agreement among contrarian points

Talk: How Thayer prepares you for entrepreneurial endeavors

Last Wednesday I went up to Hanover, NH, to give a talk to a group of Thayer students and faculty at an event called Celebrating Thayer. Thayer is the engineering school at Dartmouth College, where I graduated with a Masters in Engineering Management in 2004, after completing my undergraduate engineering degree at Dartmouth as well.… Continue reading Talk: How Thayer prepares you for entrepreneurial endeavors