Guest Post on Boston’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

I posted a guest post on PopSignal about my thoughts on the recent surge in Boston’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.  In the first part, I tried to capture my observations about what has been changing in the local tech scene, such as better networking groups and events, additional early stage funding options, and more support infrastructure.  In the second… Continue reading Guest Post on Boston’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

iPad Opportunities – Clipboard Replacement

As I continue to organize thoughts around some general motivational posts, I’m still fascinated by technology and recently the iPad, the newest addition to my tech library.  A lot has been written about the iPad, including a recent article about how iPad is computing’s middle ground, which got me thinking.  The author references an analogy of… Continue reading iPad Opportunities – Clipboard Replacement

Why is it so hard to create something new?

I last wrote about how somebody needs to buy Palm because they created an impressive and independent smartphone OS, and that can anchor their future smartphone strategy.   That also got me thinking about why it’s so difficult to create something new and innovative.   If you think the idea of there being nothing new is new,… Continue reading Why is it so hard to create something new?